In my second review…Onnit Labs.

Another day, another review…Onnit Labs!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. I am not a biologist or a botanist. I barely finished High School and I am admittedly not that bright. Why am I putting myself out there like that? Because I am not 100% sure how or why these supplements do what they do but they do something and I want to talk about it a bit.

I first heard about Onnit Labs when Joe Rogan talked about ‘Alpha Brain’ on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience so I figured what the hell…whats the worst that could happen? So I started with ‘Alpha Brain’ then added ‘Shroom Tech Sport’ to my stable of supplements and just about a week ago I added ‘New Mood’ but I won’t post a review on ‘New Mood’ since I have only been taking it for a week.

Again, I am just a normal guy who has been taking a few VERY interesting supplements. Nothing I say or results I have seen should be taken as a reason to try these products, always consult your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen to make sure you are healthy enough or that nothing with counter act or have adverse effects if you are currently taking any prescribed or over the counter meds…now that I have covered my ass, on with the review!!!

‘Alpha Brain’!! I pre-ordered ‘Alpha Brain’ back in mid August and got it late August and have been taking it everyday since. ‘Alpha Brain’ is a nootropic. What the hell is a nootropic? Here’s a link for Nootropics. AC-11 is one the most interesting ingredients and has been used for centuries in South America to treat inflammation, cancer and infection. In studies in Sweden scientists confirmed that AC-11 reduced DNA damage and promoted leukocyte recovery and DNA repair. Check out Optigenex for more on AC-11. Here are the rest of the ingredients in ‘Alpha Brain‘.

I don’t want to say I couldn’t live or function without ‘Alpha Brain’ but as long as I have an option I will be taking it. I feel very clear, creative, focused. I like taking a few extra ‘Alpha Brain’s’ before a coast to coast flight or a drive over 3 hours especially if it is at night. Speaking about at night, man, the lucid dreams were fun too. Very deep yet I knew I was dreaming and at times I had control over the dreams. I wake up refreshed ,for the most part, everyday even on a little sleep. With little sleep I still feel that I am functioning (for me) at a high level.

‘Shroom Tech Sport’ is next on the docket. ‘Shroom Tech Sport‘ is based on the Chinese ‘caterpillar mushroom’ cordyceps sinensis. The primary key effects of the cordyceps are increased oxygen utilization, increased cellular ATP production and the stabilization of blood sugar metabolism.

I was more skeptical about this product they anything I have tried before. Mushrooms?! Well I was wrong. The first day I used this supplement I went to the gym, I lifted for 45 minutes and did 45 minutes of cardio followed by an hour of stand up and 2 hours of grappling…WOW! I trucked through it fairly easily still feeling full of energy after. Still skeptical but excited to wake up and try it again…same results the next night. I always take ‘Shroom Tech Sport’ before grappling or jiu-jitsu and any other intense workout. Nothing about ‘Shroom Tech Sport’ is a bad/jittery energy, Joe Rogan says it best when he says it is a, “clean energy…”.

So my conclusion on these very interesting supplement…TRY THEM! Give them a shot, you may be surprised. I know everyone wants to be skeptical on these types of supplements and say placebo and blah, blah, blah…shut up. Everybody is built and wired differently. I know guys that get JACKED from just creatine and others that gain and feel nothing. There are people that diet their ass off and can lose a pound and then those other guys that eat fast food twice a day and looked ripped.

For combat sports I feel these supplements can bring a significant boost to anyones BJJ/grappling or MMA game. The mental side of combat sports is just as important as the physical if not more so. I retain and understand instruction better. Look, I am not saying I am a genius now but what I am say is, if I were a computer running on 2 GBs of RAM now I feel like I am running on 4 GBs of RAM…and maybe defragged too (lol). There is a draw back, the stuff can be pricey. I am currently taking 3 Onnit Labs products and it runs me quite a bit. However my mental and overall physical health are pretty important to me and after seeing and feeling the effects it was well worth cutting out some pointless spending in my life to keep these supplements on my shelf.

New Mood‘-So far I enjoy this product too but haven’t been taking it nearly long enough to give my honest opinion on it. Hopefully in a few months I can post an update on ‘New Mood’ for everyone.

On December 17th, 2011 I will be heading up to New York City for the MMA World Expo at the Javits Center and hope to write about that and have some good pictures to go along with it.


6 responses to “In my second review…Onnit Labs.

  1. Good review. I got a 30 bottle and felt like I only got the effects for the last week. Do you feel like it took forever to get the maximum effects? Not sure if I should reinvest.

  2. Alpha Brain is a pretty neat product. No crazy differences but a very mellow relaxing and focused effect. Definitely worth it, yet a bit pricey but as Joe says you can get all the ingredients separate anyway for cheaper.

    They just put it in a nice little pill form!

    Nice post! 🙂

    • Thanks man! Yeah, the feeling is nothing overwhelming its a nice subtle boost. I would try it like Joe says but I am too lazy to search all the stuff and do it myself, lol

  3. Shroom Tech Sport has been an amazing gym supplement. I simply don’t run out of energy at the gym. Last night I did my normal routine which took about 45 minutes and is grueling, but I spent another 45 mins after working on every damn muscle. I didn’t want to leave and I had reserves of energy I could tap. Had I not had plans later that day I might have spent 3 hours in the gym. If you lift or compete athletically please give Shroom Tech Sport a try and use the coupon code “10off” to save 10% off of your total order.
    Use the coupon code “10off” to Save 10% off of your total order at Onnit dot com. Good for all Onnit Products including but not limited to: Alpha Brain, New Mood, Shroom Tech: Immune and Shroom Tech: Sport.

    • I’ve been using their product Alpha-Brain for quite a few months now and can honestly say my mind is sharper and my creativity has been at its peak ever since using it. I am a guitarist/singer/songwriter and my playing is more consistent and I am writing new songs faster than I can write them down. And lyrics, which I have always struggled with, are just flowing out of me. It has drastically increased the amount of dreams I remember and the control I have over them. I’ve been lucid dreaming pretty consistently. You can find the product Alpha-Brain at

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